5 Tips for Writing a Children's Book That Sells

As a book coach, I’ve helped many authors write children's books.

As a pop-up book fair owner, I've had the opportunity to sell thousands of indie and self-published author's books to customers. I know what sells and I know what stays on the shelf. Many books sit on bookshelves collecting dust, because they just don't grab the customer's attention. Studies show you have less than 10 seconds to grab a buyer's attention before they move on to something else.

Here are some tips for writing a children's book that sells.

Tip 1: Your front cover is your books sale's page. Your book should display an attention grabbing title that relays to the customer - the when, the what, and the why of your book. Give the customer a clear picture of what your story is about with your book's title and front cover illustrations. This encourages the buyer to formulate a buying decision quickly.

Remember you only have 8 seconds to grab a buyers attention. Learn more about how to title your children's book with the e-book "A Step-By-Step E-Book on how to Write and Self-Publish a Best-Selling Children's".

Here is an example, of a best-selling children's book cover. A buyer can tell from the title and illustrations that the book is about helping children cope with big emotions. The illustrations are simpl