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Hire an Editor, Period.

As a writer, it's easy to become attached to your work and feel like every sentence and idea is perfect. However, it's important to remember that even the most successful authors have editors to help them refine their manuscripts. This is especially true when it comes to children's books, where every word and image needs to be carefully considered to create a meaningful and engaging story for young readers. Editing is a crucial step in the writing process, and it can make the difference between a mediocre manuscript and a published book that readers love. Here are just a few reasons why editing is so important:

  1. Clarity and Coherence: An editor can help ensure that your manuscript is clear and coherent, with a consistent tone and voice throughout. This is especially important for children's books, where young readers need to be able to follow the story and understand the characters and themes.

  2. Grammar and Spelling: No matter how great your story is, grammar and spelling mistakes can distract from the reading experience and make your work seem unprofessional. An editor can help catch these errors and ensure that your manuscript is polished and error-free.

  3. Consistency: An editor can also help ensure that your manuscript is consistent, with no plot holes or contradictions that could confuse readers. This is particularly important for series or sequels, where continuity is key.

At Toni R. Settles Consulting and Writing Services, we understand the importance of editing in the writing process, especially when it comes to children's books. Our team of experienced editors has helped countless writers refine their manuscripts and bring their stories to life.

When you work with us, you can expect a thorough and thoughtful editing process that focuses on improving every aspect of your manuscript. We offer a range of editing services, from basic proofreading to comprehensive developmental editing, and we'll work closely with you to ensure that your vision for your book is fully realized.

In addition to editing services, we also offer writing coaching and consulting to help writers at every stage of the writing process. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned author looking to take your work to the next level, we can help you hone your craft and achieve your writing goals.

If you're a writer looking to improve your manuscript or bring your children's book to life, contact me today. We're here to help you tell your story in the most engaging and effective way possible.

Let's write that book! 📚

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