Honoring The Queen in Her: 5 Books That Empower Black Girls

The days of black girls being underrepresented in story books are over! Here is a list of books I would have love to have as a young girl navigating all the things that come with girlhood.

1. 'Brown Girl' by Daphne Glenn This book is for all the beautiful brown girls who question their beauty, their strength, and who they are because of societal beauty standards. This book is vibrant and beautifully illustrated. The illustrations and words come together to form a beautiful tribute to all the brown girls who crowns may need a little readjusting. Makenzie a disappointed brown girl who feels her nose isn't small enough, and who feels she isn't tall enough is reassured by a loving and doting father who picks up her chin and gives her all the confidence to rule the world around her and follow her dreams!

2.' I am Me' by Jennifer Francis is a simple but powerful story with beautiful illustrations of a young girl navigating the world. It is a fun and spunky celebration of girlhood. She is smart, she is powerful, and she is a ball of fun. Show your young princess this book to encourage her to embrace herself and all the wonderful things that make her great.

3. 'Princess Naveah: Lessons on Self-Discover' by Paulette Harper is a book full of wisdom and grace. Naveah wants all of her friends to call her princess and she walks around her home in a princess gown. Her grandmother a queen in her own right, sits her granddaughter down and teaches her all the ways to be regal and graceful just like a princess. Her grandmother teaches her right from wrong and how to maneuver through difficult situations. I enjoyed reading the lessons and wisdoms bestowed from grandmother to granddaughter.

4. 'Your Own Kind of Beautiful' by Tamara Frazier navigates the oh so confusing world of hair texture and skin complexion for young girls. Two friends from two different ethnic backgrounds learn to embrace each other differences while loving themselves completely...... because black girls are fearfully and wonderfully made!

5. 'The Shy Monster' by Shamirrah Hill M.A. Sometimes young girls struggle with confidence and that can manifest itself as shyness. This is for the shy girl who wants to slay her 'shy monster'! This is a fun and brave read and encourages the reader to overcome their shyness. This book models coping skills to help shy children overcome their fears. It also contains post-reading discussion questions and tips for teachers and parents of shy children.

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