So you're ready to hire an illustrator for your children's book....

Updated: Oct 11

Here are 3 things to consider before you do:

Your manuscript is edited and now you are ready to move into the next phase of self-publishing your children's book. Not only is this the most important phase of self-publishing your children's book, this is also the most exciting phase. This is when you get to see your vision take form!

Ensuring that you hire a qualified and professional illustrator is of upmost importance. Your illustrator can be the gas that fuels your self-publishing journey or the car that breaks down and delays things, so take heed a choose wisely!

Tip #1 - Consider your deadline.

Sometimes we want what we want, and popular and uber talented illustrators are typically in high-demand... high demand can equal a heavy workload. Perfection takes time, and if your illustrator is busy working on other illustrations, your project may fall to the wayside. We don't want that, especially if you are working on a deadline.

So when choosing an illustrator ask them about their workload and also inform them if you are working with a deadline. Communication is key, here!

Tip #2 - Always, approach your illustrator prepared.

Help your illustrator, help you. I have created a fool-proof 32 page illustration manuscript layout that can be filled-out and sent to your illustrator. This guide was created with the budding author in mind! I know that this your first time hiring an illustrator and to successfully prepare you, I've created this guide so that you can communicate your illustration needs effortless to your illustrator.

You can purchase the Illustration Layout Template, now!